The Why Of Wooden Home Decor

The Why Of Wooden Home Decor

Over the last year I’ve often been asked why I chose to specialize in wooden home decor. I could easily gloss over the obvious reasons of durability, longevity, beauty, craftsmanship and my love of trees but for me, there’s definitely more to it.

The world of today often feels tailored to the fast-paced, right here, right now needs of our modern society.  Granted, if I’m grabbing lunch in the drive-through, I’d like it to be made fairly quickly. When it comes to adding something beautiful to my home, I want decor that has connection, inspiration and spirit and those things, take time.

Wooden decor has a story, a history, years in the making. From the arborists caring for the trees to the artisans finding their inspiration in the grain, each piece has made its own journey.  One of my favorite woods, olive wood, is sourced from Tunisia, situated on the Mediterranean coast. The olive tree is so highly regarded in the region that the wood is not harvested until the tree is no longer bearing fruit and olive trees don’t even begin to fruit until they’re around three years old.

So, in an ever stressful and chaotic world, every piece serves as my reminder that it’s okay to slow down, be patient, breathe and take the time to enjoy my own journey.

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  • Apryl Doster
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