The Story of Your Space

The Story of Your Space

As an avid reader I tend to look at interior design and decoration as a form of elaborate storytelling. One of my favorite things to do when I enter a room is to sit down and literally, read the room. What colors and materials were used? What emotions are they trying to evoke? What story are they trying to tell me? For centuries archaeologists have studied rooms and decorative items discovered during exploratory digs to learn more about the culture and history of a people. Given our experience with learning through the review of these items and locations, I find it fascinating that we don't often reflect on what our own current space says about us.  How often do we sit and review the story we've created for others to read?

I recently took the time to sit down, clear my mind and “reread” one of my favorite rooms in my home, the living room. Reviewing your own space from the perspective of a first-time observer is not a simple task.  It’s easy to get caught up in why we purchased one item or why we chose a particular color but to do this review correctly you have to focus on what you feel and not what you know. As I sat on the couch scanning my living room, I began to notice that while initially comfy, after a period of time, having a few smaller decorative pillows available for extra back support would likely be a welcomed addition by my guests.  Was the lack of a few comfort items telling them to keep their visits short and sweet? Possibly. The warm, autumn colors used throughout the space were soothing and I welcomed the break from the standard eggshell white or builders' beige walls regularly seen in other homes, but I slowly noticed the distinct lack of personal touches.  I could have been sitting in the showroom at the furniture store. Where were the family photos, the treasured trinkets, the pieces of personality? The soft, welcoming environment I intended to create read more as reserved, functional and for short-term use only.  

Since my initial review, I realized that in my effort to protect the space from the large, fanlike tail of my 70-pound goldendoodle, I had unintentionally changed the story my living room was telling.  I decided to add a couple of soft throws, a few lap pillows and thanks to a few discreetly placed Command Strips, some of our family photos.  The difference was amazingly obvious, guests lingered longer and appeared more relaxed, exclamations of, “Why haven’t I seen this picture before?!” are now regular conversation starters and personality has officially returned to the room
Now it’s your turn. I challenge each of you to sit down, relax, clear your mind, and discover the story of your space and see where it takes you.

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  • Apryl Doster
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