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About Us

As a child it never fully registered for me that my family was by all standards…poor.  Of course, I knew I didn’t have all the shiny new toys the other neighborhood kids had and I was more than aware that a family of four living in a two-bedroom apartment was a privacy-free, cramped existence but in my mind, the world still felt full of possibility and adventure.  

One day, our local public library decided to convert a bus into a ‘Bookmobile’ and my life would be forever changed.  Every two weeks I’d raid my mother’s grocery bag collection or grab a spare pillowcase and walk to the grocery store parking lot where the bus would sit idling for a few precious hours.  Inside I scoured shelf after shelf, collecting my bounty until I reached the limit of what I could carry home. Day after day, book after book, my imagination grew, spilling out and coloring the world around me. 

The bees dancing among the flowers at the playground evolved into stripe-shirted fairies angrily protecting their flowers with the swords carried in their back pockets.  The beautiful Magnolia tree I spent hours perched in became ‘Maggie’, a kind Southern lady whose sweet perfume would linger in the breeze creating an aroma of calm and comfort.  The pine trees transformed into temperamental twigs that would scream hysterically and collapse when the winds picked up.

Of all the tales and legends my mind would weave over the years, ‘Henry’ became my favorite. Henry was the massive oak tree just outside my bedroom window. I spent hours imagining the changes he’d experienced throughout his life. I’d mentally strip away everything around him until he was once again standing proud in the middle of a lush field surrounded by other oaks instead of sequestered, alone in the middle of a parking lot.  Over the years, I watched as Henry’s roots would fight to push through the asphalt to free himself from the restraints the world had placed on him.  A crack in the asphalt here, a raised section there, Henry never gave up.Acorn

Over 40 years later, Henry still stands, beautiful and ever determined, my reminder to always stand strong, to push back against what the world tells me I should be and to never stop chasing the life I genuinely want. Here is where my legend begins, where my roots start to push back against the asphalt and where Oak Legends Interiors was born.  

Oak Legends Interiors combines my love for creating beautiful spaces with my lifelong obsession with trees by specializing in home décor that celebrates the splendor of various tree species.  From the acacia tree to the walnut tree, I’m on a journey to explore the many thousands of tree species our planet has to offer and to discover décor that adds their richness and beauty to the homes of others.


I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

Apryl Doster

Founder & CEO of Oak Legends Interiors