All About The Acacia

All About The Acacia

Common Names: Acacia, Thorntree, Mimosa or Wattle

Origin: Native to tropical and subtropical regions such as Australia and Africa.

Height: 20 – 40 Feet Tall

Uses: As the bark of most acacia are rich in tannin, the acacia is often used in inks, glues, and pharmaceuticals. Various species of acacia produce a high-quality timber and are regularly used to craft beautiful home decor.

History, Fun Facts and Legends:

  • Common food source for butterflies, giraffes, and zebras
  • Used in Ancient Egypt to create a hemorrhoid ointment
  • Mentioned in the bible as the material used to construct the Ark of the Covenant.  
  • The Golden Wattle with its beautiful yellow orbs is the national flower of Australia.
  • Said to symbolize immortality, friendship, pureness, and fortitude
  • The word Acacia comes from the Greek akakia which means ‘thorny Egyptian tree’.  
  • March 8 is International Women’s Day. In Italy, it’s better known as, la Festa della Donna, and is celebrated by gifting the fragrant yellow blossoms of the Silver Wattle as a sign of love and appreciation.

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